6 Jul 09

Olivia Love entered the tranny erotica world by accident. She waited on one of the producers for Shemale Club at a little cafe in Miami and that's when it all began. He had no idea that Olivia was a tranny until she noticed some of the shemale literature he happened to have on the table. When Olivia revealed her true nature her career in tranny adult entertainment had been born. Here Olivia does a little striptease in some very sexy lingerie then takes it all off except of course for her alluring black thigh high stockings. Olivia's beautiful blonde mane of hair and gorgeous face is like the cherry on top of a shemale sundae. Her plump booty and scrumptious T-girl tits are definitely worth mentioning since you'll most likely want to sink your teeth into them. You're probably wondering about her tranny cock? Well I had to save the best for last. When you take a gander at that luscious shemale candystick you'll be hooked to the delectable Olivia Love!

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